Four Uses of Large Planters

With all of the benefits we can get from surrounding ourselves with plants, it’s only right for us to give the favor back. We can take care of them by watering them when necessary, applying fertilizer, and putting them in places where they will thrive. For instance, you can place them in large planters where they will not get crowded and die. Not only will these containers protect your fauna, but they also improve the aesthetic appeal of your surroundings. With planters, you can also easily relocate your plants for sun exposure.

1. Pool Landscaping
Do you have a pool at home? It doesn’t have to look dull and simple. You can bring it life with decorative plants, which you can place in containers. If you’re set on landscaping your poolside, consider plants that are low-maintenance, appropriately sized, and don’t have spines, thorns, or needles. That is because you don’t want these thorns to prick the skin of those who use the pool. You may also consider putting tall plants in these containers so they can provide shade around the area.

2. Create a Decorative Barrier
Apart from placing your ornamental trees and shrubs in planters, you can also use them as decorative barriers to separate two spaces and define borders. These barriers will not only improve foot traffic in the area, but they will also add style. Planters can be used for security purposes, too. You can plant tall trees on them and place them around the perimeter.

3. Add Seasonal Plants to Your Outdoor Area
These plants need special maintenance – a different kind of soil, nutrients, and amount of water and sunlight. But if your garden is meant for many varieties of plants, shrubs, bushes, and trees, it has to be ideal for every species. That means the soil may not be able to accommodate the needs of a seasonal plant. With planters, though, you have the option to separate a seasonal plant from the rest, while still making it part of your garden.

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